The Triple Crown Centre is a Pupil Referral Unit which operates as a temporary, short term intervention for students unable to attend their full-time educational provisions due to medical reasons. The Triple Crown Centre aims to meet the needs of students from 11-16, across Solihull, by helping them to re-engage with learning and develop the strength and confidence to transition back to an appropriate educational setting.

Students may be admitted to The Triple Crown Centre throughout the academic year via referral. Students’ existing schools are responsible for referring students to Solhull's Single AP Panel and for ensuring that the supporting medical evidence form has been completed if a placement at The Triple Crown Centre is being sought.

All referrals should be completed on the correct form and submitted together with the medical evidence form so that an appropriate AP provision can be determined. If The Triple Crown Centre has been determined as the provision for your child, then an appropriate pathway will be determined. Eligible students will be accepted onto one of the following pathways:

Pathway 1: The Integrated Pathway

Pathway 2: The Remote Learning Pathway

Pathway 3: The Outreach and Blended Learning Pathway

The majority of placements at The Triple Crown Centre will be between 6 and 20 weeks depending on individual needs. Students pathways and progress will be monitored and reviewed regularly with the support of families and home schools to ensure that a smooth transition back to their educational setting can be made at the earliest opportunity.

If the AP Panel refers you to The Triple Crown Centre then an initial meeting is established to discuss a trial placement in the first instance. This is to ensure that The Triple Crown Centre is an appropriate educational provision for your child and so that the desired outcomes from the placement can be determined.

The Single AP Panel will meet every fortnight to discuss new referrals. All referrals should be sent directly to 

If a Medical Provision is needed for your child then we will need a completed Referral Form, as well as the TCC Medical Evidence form along with any other supporting documents.

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