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School Improvement Plan



Improvement Plan

2020 – 2021


The School Improvement Plan reflects the OFSTED priorities of:

  1. Quality of Education
  2. Behaviour and Attitudes
  3. Personal Development
  4. Leadership and Management



1. Quality of Education

1.1Ensure the curriculum addresses the impact of lost teaching and learning time during 2019/20.
1.2Ensure that physical activity is well-planned and encouraged in a systematic way.
1.3Ensure that students’ understanding of different religions is developed thoroughly.
1.4Develop effective approaches to remote/blended teaching, learning and assessment and ensure contingency plans are in place for students to receive a continuous, high quality curriculum and the best opportunities to continue their studies in the case of a local/national lockdown or students/staff self-isolating.
1.5 Continue to ensure the embedding of reading and literacy skills across the curriculum.

2. Behaviour and Attitudes

2.1Continue to promote above 95% student attendance and a reduction of persistent absence.

3. Personal Development

3.1Continue to promote and support students’ preparation for the next stage of their education and/or training.
3.2Provide further opportunities for students to develop their:
- Learning in relation to healthy lifestyles and relationships
- Confidence and resilience in applying this learning to their own lifestyles
3.3Promotion of students’ confidence and strength of character (including a growth mind-set approach to learning across the school).

4. Leadership and Management

4.1Ensure that all teachers access high-quality, subject-specific continuing professional development.