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Our values and ethos

At The Triple Crown Centre, we strive for all our students and staff to Believe, Achieve and Succeed by:

  • Aiming high, setting challenging expectations and goals and believing that we can achieve them
  • Working with our students and their families to ensure the previous disruption to a young person’s learning before joining us is not a barrier to the achievement of potential in its widest sense
  • Having a growth mindset culture of resilience, hard-work, determination and responsibility
  • Working as a team, where everyone is valued equally within a safe, engaging, happy, caring and supportive learning environment
  • Liaising closely with outside agencies to ensure our young people have the additional support they deserve
  • Recognising and developing the potential of each and every individual, no matter what their starting point, and championing achievement for all in its widest sense
  • Continuously advocating a passion for life-long learning
  • Developing the skills, knowledge and understanding needed for our students to secure their future in education, training or the workplace and allow them to achieve their ambitions
  • Using a range of experiences and strategies to secure self-confidence in our young people and empowering them to be able to play a positive, healthy and safe role in society as responsible citizens
  • Inspiring each other
  • Promoting pride in ourselves and our school, with students who have achieved more than they ever believed possible and who make a contribution to their local, national and global communities
  • Celebrating every form and stage of success

At The Triple Crown Centre we value:

  • Excellence and determination in everything we do
  • Opportunities for all to fulfil their potential as individuals, lifelong learners and positive contributors to society
  • Working together and supporting each other
  • Friendship – understanding each other, despite any differences
  • Taking care of each other, ourselves and our environment
  • Equality and diversity
  • Respect for all members of our school and the wider community
  • Courage – having the self-belief and confidence to overcome diversity and face challenging situations

The Triple Crown Centre also consistently promotes British Values. Please see our ‘British Values’ page.