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About our school

The Triple Crown Centre is a school for students aged 11-16, resident in Solihull and on a school roll, who are unable to attend their mainstream provision because of medical reasons. Students who attend the school may have the following characteristics:

  • Extreme anxiety and/or depression as a consequence of abuse or trauma that cannot be supported in mainstream school, despite additional support
  • Evidence of potential/actual self-harm, which cannot be safely managed within a mainstream school, despite additional support
  • A physical disability or illness that prevents access to mainstream provision

Meet the staff at our centre

Miss E ClarkeHead Teacher
Ms H GhudhailSENCO, Science
Mr J HarrisMaths
Miss N MistEnglish, PSHE
Miss D ThomasASDAN, PSHE
Mr C Daka Maths, Science
Miss C EdwardsHistory, RE
Ms D JonesArt, PSHE
Mrs T AbbottEnglish, RE
Miss S Ghosh Data and Assessment/ Exams, Teaching & Learning Support
Mrs B TurnerTeaching & Learning Support
Miss K CorcoranBusiness Manager
Mrs S HussainAdministrative Assistant
Mr P O'ConnorSite Manager
Mrs G Parkes Assistant Site Manager


The official hours are:

AM Registration08.50-09.00
Lesson 109.00-09.55
AM session/assembly09.55-10.10
Lesson 210.10-11.05
Lesson 311.25-12.20
Lesson 412.20-13.15
PM Registration13.45-13.50
Lesson 513.50-14.45
Total hours per school week32.5